Production Manager – Landale Signs

– Have experience in Project Fabrication in the Sign industry – 3 years or more an asset
–  Are the most organized person you know – Efficiency is your middle name
– Love problem solving, and are excited to share your solutions with the team
– Were the leader of the dreaded group project in school and ensured everyone did their part and the project was handed in on time, like managing group projects
– Strong Mechanical Aptitude, able to reverse engineer solutions
– Understand “How It’s Made” – you are naturally curious about how things are built
– Comfortable reading Complex Production Drawings
– Strong skills in a Windows Environment (word, excel, one note, powerpoint, etc)
– Enjoy being part of a team and helping in any way possible
– Comfortable and capable of prioritizing your workload
– Enjoy the entrepreneurial work atmosphere
– Strong Leadership Skills, able to bring a team together & guide them where required

– Established in 1974
– Are building a team to meet Ownership’s & Management’s vision for the company’s future
– Love results and working hard to realize those results
– Believe strongly in work hard, play hard
– Committed to giving our clients the best value for their advertising dollar that we possibly can
– Passionate about the quality of our work that goes out the door
– Are an inclusive workplace
– Believe that if our clients’ succeed, then so do we!
– Love animals – we have an office dog and shop cat that are loved and valued team member

This is a new position for the company, and is a full time role as a long-term employee. Many of our employees have been with us long term, and are continuing to prefer long term career minded
professional. There is room for growth with the company as it grows and evolves. Position is a integral part of our management group.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter.
Attn: Harvey Guhl, General Manager

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