ASA Objectives

The Objectives of the Alberta Sign Association are:

  • to nurture a unified professional image
  • to promote the exchange of ideas between provincial and state associations and to provide representation
  • to present a unified front in transactions with all levels of government.

The Standards of the Association call for members:

  • to promote safe work practices
  • to encourage the training and development of employees
  • to meet or exceed the guidelines of the Canadian Electrical Code
  • to maintain an image or reputation which will favorably affect public opinion of the Association and other members
  • to adhere to the laws of the land

ASA Benefits

In addition to the benefits the Sign Association of Canada offers, the Alberta Sign Association has three additional programs to offer its members.

  • City of Edmonton Engineering Drawings and seals, required by the city and available to members only.
  • Discounts on the provincially required Alberta Electrical Sign Certification course, and the Boom Truck Safety Course.
  • 10% Marks Work Warehouse Discount Cards for all members.

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